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Monthly Archives: December 2019

2021 Solar Eclipse Cruises in Antarctica

Posted by Andrew Castles on December 20, 2019



If you’ve got your eye on an expedition cruise to Antarctica in the next few years, you might just want to clear your calendar for November / December 2021. A total solar eclipse will occur over Antarctica on 4 December 2021, so don’t miss your chance to see one of Earth’s most wondrous cosmic events in one of Earth’s most magnificent locations. 

Though total solar eclipses occur somewhere in the world once every 18 months or so, they can only be seen along a very narrow path, so you need to ensure you're positioned right on the centre-line of the eclipse to experience full totality (total darkness during the day). And that’s exactly what you will get when you join a luxury small ship cruise down to Antarctica for this eclipse. You’ll enjoy a prime viewing position to see the moon transition in front of the sun, with 1 minute and 54 seconds of total darkness expected.



Of course, while the eclipse is without doubt a major highlight of this expedition, you will also enjoy all that Antarctica otherwise has to offer.  Three of the ships making this voyage will be the ice-strengthened Plancius (116 passengers), Ortelius (116 passengers - SOLD OUT) and the world's first Polar Class 6 expedition ship, the soon-to-be-launched 174 passenger Hondius. The full voyage takes 20 days and will visit the Falkland Islands, South Georgia and the Antarctica Peninsula. 

On the morning of the eclipse, each of these ships will be positioned on the centre-line of the moon’s shadow, at the edge of the sea ice in the Weddell Sea, between the South Orkneys and South Georgia.

Here's an overview of what's on offer:


Aboard the NEW Janssonius - BOOK NOW!


new Janssonius solar eclipse cruise


Antarctic Peninsula - SOLAR ECLIPSE - South Georgia - Falkland Islands

Launching in 2021, the 174 passenger Janssonius is a sister-ship to the Hondius. Technologically-advanced with excellent eco-tourism credentials, the Janssonius offers a premium expedition cruising experience. 

More about Janssonius

Date: 25 November - 14 December 2021, 19 nights / 20 days 
Embarkation & disembarkation: Ushuaia

Prices per person, twin share in US Dollars:

· Quadruple Porthole: $16,400

· Triple Porthole: $17,900

· Twin Porthole: $19,800

· Twin Window: $20,600

· Twin Deluxe: $22,100

· Superior: $23,700

· Junior Suite: $25,400

· Grand Suite with private balcony: $29,150


Aboard Hondius  - Limited Cabins Remaining!


Hondius Solar Eclipse Curise


Antarctic Peninsula - SOLAR ECLIPSE - South Georgia - Falkland Islands

Launching in 2019, the 174 passenger Hondius is the world’s first-registered Polar Class 6 cruise ship. Technologically-advanced with excellent eco-tourism credentials, the Hondius sets a new standard in polar cruising.

More about Hondius

See the Itinerary

Date: 26 November - 15 December 2021, 19 nights / 20 days 
Embarkation & disembarkation: Ushuaia


Prices per person, twin share in US Dollars:

· Quadruple Porthole: WAITLIST

· Triple Porthole: WAITLIST

· Twin Porthole: WAITLIST

· Twin Window: WAITLIST

· Twin Deluxe: WAITLIST

· Superior: WAITLIST

· Junior Suite: $25,400

· Grand Suite with private balcony: $29,150




Aboard Ortelius - SOLD OUT!


Ortelius Antarctica eclipse cruise


Falkland Islands - South Georgia - SOLAR ECLIPSE - Antarctic Peninsula

Launched in 1989 as Marina Svetaeva for the Russian Academy of Science, Ortelius caters to just 116 guests and is ice-rated to the highest levels (equivalent to 1A) and is therefore very suitable to navigate the ice packs of the Polar regions.

More about Ortelius

See the Itinerary

Date: 24 November - 13 December 2021, 19 nights / 20 days
Embarkation & disembarkation: Ushuaia

Prices per person, twin share in US Dollars:

· Quadruple Porthole: $16,400 - SOLD OUT

· Triple Porthole: $17,900 - SOLD OUT

· Twin Porthole: $19,800 - SOLD OUT

· Twin Window: $20,600 - SOLD OUT

· Twin Deluxe: $22,100 - SOLD OUT

· Superior: $23,700 - SOLD OUT



Aboard Plancius - SOLD OUT!


Plancius eclipse 2021


Falkland Islands - South Georgia - SOLAR ECLIPSE - Antarctic Peninsula

The ice-strengthened 116 passenger vessel Plancius is an excellent vessel for polar expedition cruises in both the Arctic and Antarctica.

More about Plancius

See the Itinerary

Date: 23 November - 12 December 2021, 19 nights / 20 days
Embarkation & disembarkation: Ushuaia

Prices per person, twin share in US Dollars:

· Quadruple Porthole: SOLD OUT

· Triple Porthole: SOLD OUT

· Twin Porthole: SOLD OUT

· Twin Window: SOLD OUT

· Twin Deluxe: SOLD OUT

· Superior: SOLD OUT


Single travellers are accommodated on each ship upon payment of a single supplement of between 70% and 100%.


Antarctica eclipse cruise hondius


The goal on this itinerary is of course to experience the total eclipse, but please keep in mind the polar regions are known for their unpredictability. There’s always the chance overcast skies may hinder visibility and that adverse conditions may alter certain details of the pre-planned route. Plancius and Ortelius are scheduled to make the trip clockwise, while Hondius will make it counter-clockwise.

These once-in-a-lifetime voyages combining the best of Antarctica with a total solar eclipse are sure to sell fast. Secure your place today by calling the expert team at Expedition Cruise Specialists on 1800 90 20 80 or email [email protected].


All availability accurate as at 17 May 2019 and is subject to change.

Kimberley Cruising by Private Charter - an Exclusive Experience

Posted by Andrew Castles on December 17, 2019

If you’ve ever sat around the dinner table with a group of friends dreaming about cruising Western Australia’s Kimberley Coast together, a private charter of the 12-passenger Kimberley Pearl can make those dreams become a reality at an affordable price.

Imagine the thrill of having a beautifully-appointed small ship exclusively yours for an intimate group of your nearest and dearest; a ship that feels more akin to a private yacht that normally only the rich and famous can enjoy. Then imagine being able to tailor the itinerary to your own likes and even help devise the menu. Imagine sitting on deck with a glass of champagne with just a few of your closest friends for company as the sun sets over the Kimberley coast.


Priuvate Charter Kimberley Pearl Cruise


The 12 passenger Kimberley Pearl allows all this and more. Originally built as a pearling lugger for famed Broome Paspaley Pearls in 1979, this stylish vessel has recently undergone a thorough refurbishment and has six air-conditioned cabins, all with private en suite, accommodating up to just 12 guests in style on Kimberley cruises.

When you step aboard the Kimberley Pearl you will soon feel right at home. Like most homes, the kitchen is very much at the heart, and you can gather around as the ship’s professional chef prepares the day’s fresh catch of barramundi, mangrove jack, queenie or GT right in front of you. In addition to the airy saloon / kitchen, there’s plenty of deck space to enjoy, complete with a BBQ at the stern and a cosy spot infront of the bridge at the bow.


Kimberley Pearl cabin


Excursions are a breeze aboard the Kimberley Pearl, she comes equipped with a fleet of three aluminium tenders, allowing several different activities to be offered at the same time depending on your mood. Perhaps you want to go out fishing while others go in search of Aboriginal art along the cliffs? Or maybe some friends want to head ashore to a hidden swimming hole? It’s all possible when you cruise aboard the Kimberley Pearl.

Throughout your charter you will also enjoy outstanding service from an affable and expert Australian crew of five. The Captain will be on hand to help plan your daily adventure program, while the chef will be busy keeping your mouth watering with the culinary delights he creates day after day. Three further crew operate as general hands, driving the tenders, explaining what you’re seeing and also keeping the ship in great shape! 


Dining aboard Kimberley Pearl


One of many advantages of a private charter is the ability to tailor the itinerary to suit your own group. In fact, our client Gwen from Sydney, along with her husband and a group of their best friends, returned from a 13-night charter earlier this year and couldn’t believe the flexibility they had each day. Gwen mentioned that if the group was particularly enjoying a swimming hole the Captain was happy to let them linger for as long as possible – no fixed schedule to keep as you might find on a trip where there’s many passengers with differing interests.


Shore excursion Kimberley Pearl

Best of all though, private charters aboard the Kimberley Pearl are incredibly cost effective. Up to 12 guests can share a charter of the ship for $69,300 for seven nights – that’s just $5,775 per person – exceptional value for such an intimate experience.

You can also choose between two different itineraries. The 13-day Ultimate Pearl cruises from Broome to Wyndham (Kununurra) or vice versa, and is the ideal option for those who want the complete Kimberley experience. Alternatively, for those who are short on time the 7-night Southern Pearls program cruises north from Broome to discover highlights including Horizontal Falls and Montgomery Reef.

Keep in mind that it is always best to plan your charter as far in advance as possible to ensure the pick of the best cruise dates. Why not get your friends together and start planning a private Kimberley Pearl adventure cruise in 2021?


2021 Kimberley Pearl dates available for charter:

13 Night Ultimate Pearl - See the Itinerary

03 April 2021 – Broome to Kununurra

18 April 2021 – Kununurra to Broome

03 May 2021 – Broome to Kununurra

18 May 2021 – Kununurra to Broome

02 June 2021 – Broome to Kununurra

17 June 2021 – Kununurra to Broome

18 July 2021 – Kununurra to Broome


7 Night Southern Kimberley Pearls - See the Itinerary

14 September 2021 – Broome to Broome

22 September 2021 – Broome to Broome

30 September 2021 – Broome to Broome

08 October 2021 – Broome to Broome


For more information or to book your private charter of the Kimberley Pearl call the expert team at Expedition Cruise Specialists today on 1800 90 20 80 or visit


Kimberley Pearl tender charter


Swimming hole Kimberley Pearl Cruise


Kimberley Pearl drinks


Kimberley Pearl food platter


Kimberley Pearl sunset drinks