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Expeditions in Antarctica

Expeditions to Antarctica depart between November and March each year, when conditions in the Southern Ocean are most suited to the sea crossing from South America to the Antarctic Peninsula. We've put a portfolio of our favourite - and we think the best - expeditions to the seventh continent and whichever you choose 

you can rest assured you will be travelling with a  highly-respected operator with many years of experience. When you travel to Antarctica be sure to pack your spirit of adventure - plans and itineraries can change at a moment's notice due to sea, weather or ice conditions.

IAATO Accreditation - your guarantee of quality

At Expedition Cruise Specialists we care about preserving our natural earth for future generations. That's why you can rest assured that each and every one of the Antarctic expedition ships we feature is accredited with the International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators.

Founded in 1991, IAATO represents Antarctic tour operators and others organising and conducting travel to Antarctica to the Antarctic Treaty Parties, the international conservation community and the public at large. IAATO has resolved to promote safe and environmentally responsible practices in its effort to protect Antarctica. This effort is unique, and the challenge to maintain environmentally responsible tourism exists to this extent in no other region of the world.

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