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Expeditions in South & Central America

The Amazon River Basin, Galápagos Islands and the fjords and breathtaking scenery of Patagonia are highlights of expedition cruising in South America. Follow in the footsteps of Charles Darwin and his crew from the Beagle to explore Ecuador’s famed Galápagos Islands. It was here that Darwin developed his theory of natural selection after viewing the extraordinary array of wildlife inhabiting these islands some 970 kilometres off the coast of South America. 

For the ultimate South American expedition experience, combine your wildlife expedition in the Galápagos with a cruise through the rainforests of the Amazon Basin spotting sloths, piranhas and pink dolphins. In Central America, Costa Rica and Panama offer exciting expedition opportunities, and the chance to see toucans and brightly-coloured macaws in their natural habitat. On select expeditions you can also navigate the Panama Canal, separating the Pacific and Atlantic oceans.

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