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SAVE 30% on Aqua Mekong summer season cruises

Posted by Andrew Castles on August 08, 2017

Vietnam cruise Aqua Mekong


Take a thrilling journey of discovery along one of Asia’s greatest rivers; the mighty Mekong aboard the luxury river ship Aqua Mekong. Over five or eight incredible days sail from Vietnam’s bustling Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) all the way through to Cambodia’s colonial capital Phnom Penh. And, best of all, save 30% off normal prices when you cruise during the summer season between May and July.

The longest river in Southeast Asia, the mighty Mekong flows over 4,000 kilometres from the Tibetan Plateau to the southeast, through Laos and Thailand to the equatorial flood plains of Cambodia and Vietnam, then finally into the South China Sea.


Aqua Mekong cruise map


Two thousand years of human history can be traced back to the Mekong River. It is said that the rise and fall of the great Khmer civilisation responsible for the building of Angkor Wat was inextricably linked to the Mekong’s shifting tides. Today, around 60 million people live, work and play on the Mekong. Fish from the river comprise Cambodia’s single largest source of protein and it is rightly called the rice bowl of Vietnam, as it is on the fertile lands of the Mekong River Delta that the Vietnamese people grow half their nation’s agricultural product.

The Mekong River is also a hub for Vietnamese culture and a major transportation route for villagers living in the Delta. From floating markets selling fish, coconut candy, tropical fruit, vegetables and flowers to bee farms that line the river, the Mekong throbs with activity from before sunrise.


Aqua Mekong Excursion


Why visit the Mekong in the Summer Season? 

The month of May on the Mekong officially kicks off the planting season (known as Royal Plowing Day) on the 24th in Cambodia and Vietnam. Royal Plowing Day marks the beginning of rice-growing season in Southeast Asia. This time of year on the Mekong is known as the ‘green season’ with 30-minute gentle rains each day that nourish lush landscapes. While cruising aboard the spectacular Aqua Mekong, guests wake up every day to verdant riverbank views and landscapes rich with tropical greenery drifting past their suites’ floor-to-ceiling glass windows.

Even when it rains, as it does throughout the year, the Aqua Mekong’s tenders and water-based excursions remain extremely comfortable during these usually short cloudbursts.


kayaking Aqua Mekong cruise


Rainy season arrives in May and lasts through October. This actually creates the high-water conditions that allow the Aqua Mekong tenders to cruise deeper into Vietnam’s emerald flooded forest, to Cambodia’s Tonle Sap Lake and along otherwise inaccessible yet fascinating tributaries. Despite the name, rain only falls around half an hour each day and usually in the afternoon. Excursions from the Aqua Mekong are timed so that cocktail in hand, guests may soak up the timeless romance of rain on the river while comfortably under cover.


Aqua Mekong cruise suite


About the Aqua Mekong


The 62 metre Aqua Mekong was designed by Saigon-based architects at Noor Design to embody the aesthetic of a sophisticated five star hotel. Local sustainable materials and artisanal touches are designed to welcome guests in the utmost comfort between on and off shore excursions along this fascinating river. Spacious and indulgent, yet intimate enough to feel entirely exclusive, the Aqua Mekong incorporates relaxed yet refined lounging and dining areas, and can accommodate a maximum of just 40 guests plus crew. Modern navigation technologies and the highest cruise ship standards as well as an experienced river pilot and crew ensure smooth travel and safety on the water.


Aqua Mekong lounge


All guests travelling on board Aqua Mekong cruises during the 2018 & 2019 Summer Seasons will receive 30% off their all-inclusive cruise rates. 

These special savings are valid for departures from:

May 1st to July 27th, 2018

May 3rd to July 30th, 2019


Discounted 4-night cruise prices from:

First Deck Suite: USD $3,780 per person

Second Deck Suite: USD $3,920 per person


Discounted 7-night cruise prices from:

First Deck Suite: USD $6,615 per person

Second Deck Suite: USD $6,860 per person


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Aqua Mekong dining